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Summer Magic

Posted in Laws by epictetus on January 22nd, 2007

It was after sunset, and all light had been extinguised in the clearing, circled by small tents and cabins. Moments before, it had been bustling with activity, but now it was strangely silent and empty, with a few other scattered strangers disappearing in darkness as the last lights of day faded and clouds obscured the starlight.  People like me, who weren’t sure they belonged.

And then – in the distance – multitudinous sweet voices in harmony could be heard approaching. Moments later, a column of dim hooded shapes snaked past, circling the field.  They seemed to be singing of joy and wonder — and of ideals, and of service, and of their Queen.  Small figures in green could barely be seen.
They come to a stop, and stand at attention.   A woman approaches the center and lights a camp fire — the light illuminates young faces that were hidden before.  She addresses them all and leads them in prayer.  They respond to her in voices and songs, knowing their part in this secretive ceremony.  Each girl is brought to the center of the circle and given solumn rewards and honors for her accomplishments.  Finally, a candle is lit, and as the points of light spread around the circle the faces are illuminated in a promise, a covenant to keep the spirit alive until next year.

I was lucky to get the chance to help pick Valerie up from camp.