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Posted in Laws by epictetus on April 9th, 2007

I figured I would upload a bunch of cellphone pictures and comment on them.

Dim Sum in Chinatown
Here is our table.. you can see various dumplings and mystery items in front of us.

Dim Sum

Here is a view across the restaurant, the part in the foreground is only about 1/4 of the overall space. The place was HUGE, and basically they bring carts of dumplings and things past and say what they are (in chinese), and you grab what you want.  Unfortunately, as a vegetarian, none of them seemed to know what the word “Meat” meant.

My Computer

Here is the computer I am building. It has a Dallas version of an Intel 8032 as the CPU, and 32K of external memory, a 16 bit address bus (but the upper 32k of addresses are all IO space due to some lazy IO decoding), and an 8-bit data bus. I am building it as part of the engineering sciences E-123: Digital Circuit Design course at Harvard Extension school. Notice the nice hex keypad. Right now I have to manually program it a byte at a time, because I have not yet added a serial port and software to allow me to send data from the serial port into memory.

Kids with Potato Cannon
Here are a couple of the guys with the potato cannon I built. Notice the landern igniter and large cumbustion chamber.

Harvard student Sleep-studying

Here is a typical Harvard undergrad, she has fallen asleep in a common room while studying with her laptop.

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