Pet Peeves with New Laptop Screens

Posted in Laws by epictetus on April 28th, 2008

Why, oh why, are laptop manufacturers making their products worse and worse? I’m talking about screens here — two of the major changes in the past few years to laptop screens are both simply awful:

  • Glossy screens. If you wanted a mirror, you would buy a mirror, not a laptop. These make the screen VERY hard to read because you’re staring at a reflection of your own face (and the room behind you). I have read some other people who agree with this; their general idea was that glossy screens look shiny and new when someone goes to Best Buy and looks over all the laptops on display. I actually returned one notebook because had a glossy screen; as far as I’m concerned, a glossy screen makes a notebook essentially unusable.
  • Widescreen aspect ratio. I don’t know about you, but the vast majority of the documents I read (or work on) are not very wide — they are TALL. That’s why mice have up-down scrollwheels and not left-right scrollwheels — because most of the time documents are _vertically_ too large for the screen they are on, not _horizontally_. The only legitimate reason to use a widescreen aspect ratio is for watching widescreen movies — I don’t watch movies on my laptop. If anything, I would like to buy a tallscreen notebook so that I can spend less time scrolling. Widescreen aspect ratios also cause a lot of problems including:
    • Looking horribly stretched and blurred whenever something (a movie, a game, etc) needs a normal 4:3 aspect ratio.
    • Incompatibilities with virtual machine software
    • Incompatibilities with different operating systems
    • Incompatibilities or just plain ugliness when using Remote Desktop or similar between widescreen and non-widescreen PCs

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